David Meltzer

CEO David Meltzer was looking to build his personal brand. With the positive momentum from his new book Connected to Goodness, he wanted to build a brand on social media so he could charge more for his public speaking and increase the reach of his message. […]

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Meir Kay

Meir Kay was an influencer with a large following specifically with the Jewish community. His brand was based on spreading positivity and happiness. Most of his success came from a few viral videos on Facebook. He was looking to migrate and build his platform on Instagram. […]

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Brant Cooper

Brant Cooper is the CEO of Moves the Needle which helps companies innovate and change how they work.

He is a NYT best-selling author and was about to release his second book called Disruption Proof. He was hoping to start making content relevant to the book in hopes of creating book sales and getting leads for his business. […]

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